odyssey financially empowers the next billion

datacultr’s odyssey reduces the credit risk on financially & digitally deprived 2Bn+ people, using a combination of core IoT technology, customer education & predictive fraud detection. We work with consumer lending companies and smartphone device manufacturers to make owning a device affordable.  

We Build Tools To Securely Enable Financial Inclusion

Odyssey makes an unsecured loan significantly less risky for the lender by allowing the lender to manage & control the lent out device for the period of the loan. We convert a smartphone into a viable collateral for other unsecured loans like personal and consumer durable loans. 

Odyssey integrates end-to-end with the lent out device on one side and the Lender’s Loan Management System on the other, as well as with device buyback, Insurance & repair companies, putting together the entire ecosystem, making it a successful program for both the user & the lender.

Device Management

Odyssey manages a user’s experience on the device for the term of the loan, and impairs the device in case of loan repayment delays eventually locking the device in case of defaults

Customer Education

Odyssey educates these “first to credit” users about credit scores, timely payment of EMIs, how to get access to cheap credit, etc, using innovative formats to impart and internalize this knowledge

Predictive Fraud Detection

Using Machine Learning, Odyssey identifies potential fraud by modelling changes in usage pattern and takes immediate action

Business Process Integration

Odyssey’s built in business rules templates  and intuitive workflow’s increase business process automation with Loan Management Systems while managing government compliance regulations.

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Odyssey Secures Device Financing 

Odyssey mitigates risk for new smartphone financing as well as low ticket personal loans, converting the smartphone into a collateral. Managed via our proprietary device management platform that integrates with the device, allowing the lender to educate users, degrade device experience in case of delayed loan repayments & ultimately locking it in-case a default happens, significantly reducing NPL & risk.

On All Major Device Brands

Odyssey supports all major devices brands across multiple price points. 

Odyssey Makes it Easy for Lenders 

Multi OS-Multi Device Brand Support

Predefined Loan Lifecycle Templates

Built In Analytics

Business Process Integration for Banks & Partners

High Degree of Customization

Weekly Security Updates

API Driven

Round the Clock Support

Our Story

2Bn+ people the world over remain excluded from the fold of formal credit because of various reasons, primary being no credit score & no collateral that can be given out as a security. This happens daily to people we know and we care about!!

Our mission is to make the life of these 2Bn people across the world a little bit easier and a whole lot simpler using the ubiquitous smartphone. Odyssey has its roots in a real time IoT communication platform that helps enterprises to go to market faster with IoT enabled services.   

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